Glaco Life

For your family,
and passengers.
Keep vision clear.
Keep driving safe.

Glaco is a glass water repellent that repels rain.
Just by applying it to the glass, it repels the rain and blows it away with the wind pressure, ensuring a clear view and supporting safe driving.

The number of accidents on rainy days is FOUR TIMES that on fair weather days

When driving on a rainy day, water on the glass impairs visibility, making driving more difficult. This is not only dangerous in itself, but also leads to stress and fatigue. The slippery surface doesn't help either! In some cases, rain can suddenly intensify and overwhelm the capability of the wipers, even on full power. This creates an extremely dangerous situation.

Number of accidents on rainy days. Rainy days are four times as dangerous!
Number of collisions with road facilities on rainy days. Rainy days are 12 times as dangerous!

Causes of Poor Visibility

Heavy rain that overwhelms wipers
Splashes and spray from vehicles in front
Blurring and distortion from the rain
Glare from oncoming vehicle lights

The driver is a person with great responsibility, being in charge of the vehicle carrying important people, such as friends and family.
On rainy days, the chance of an accident is vastly higher than that on clear days. It is important for the safety of both passengers and driver to navigate at a safe speed, with proper distance between vehicles, and the best visibility possible.

The Power of Glaco! Hydrophobic power for the clearest vision.

Glaco is a series of hydrophobic products that repel rain from glass, keeping a clearer view for the driver. Usually, the surface of glass causes water to accumulate in irregular patches, refracting light and distorting the image. This causes glare and other dangerous vision difficulties. By coating the glass surface with a water-repellent coating, Glaco causes water to bead up into round droplets, which are easily blown away by the air pressure during driving. This keeps the glass, and your vision, clearer and safer.

Daytime driving
Nighttime driving

This is an actual image of some scenery through auto glass.
When travelling over around 45 km/h, the rain on the glass forms beads that are easily blown away by the wind from driving.
The normally difficult view on a rainy day is much clearer!

How Glaco Works


Reasons for poor visibility on rainy days

The surface of the glass is not perfectly clean or smooth

The surface of the glass, which may seem clean and smooth, is actually more irregular and can cause water to accumulate in patches. This causes irregular refraction and distortion that reduces visibility.


The Glaco Mechanism

Glaco makes the glass smooth and repellent

Glaco causes water to bead up into round droplets, which are easily blown away by the air pressure during driving. The power of Glaco keeps vision clear. It's always a clear day for your glass!

Simply by applying Glaco to the glass, rain and other water will be repelled, allowing it to be blown away.
This keeps the glass clearer, for better visibility. That means better safety for you, and your passengers. That is the idea of Glaco.