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Timing of wiper replacement

If the wipers are not working properly and there are streaks or residue on the wiper, it will obstruct the driver's view. Wipers deteriorate little by little each time they are used, so it is often the case that you do not notice that the wipers need to be replaced. What if a sudden downpour occurs and you realize for the first time that you cannot see what is in front of you? You would be forced to drive in a state of anxiety due to the extremely dangerous situation.

Wipers are always exposed to ultraviolet rays because they are installed outside the vehicle. UV rays are the enemy of windshield wipers. Ultraviolet rays harden rubber, so exposure to ultraviolet rays will cause the rubber to deteriorate. When wiper rubber becomes hard, extra load is placed on the wiper blades and arms when they are in operation, which can lead to damaging the wipers themselves. In addition to UV rays, dirt and oil can also deteriorate wipers.

Uneven wiping
Water distortion

Deteriorated wipers

Cracking or deterioration
Wear or Deformation
Rust or Jamming

Wipers have a limited lifespan. Although it depends on usage conditions, wiper rubber should be replaced every six months to one year, and wiper blades (metal fittings) every one to two years.
However, we recommend that you replace the wipers as soon as possible if you notice any noticeable streaks or residue, or if juddering or squealing becomes noticeable. Wiper replacement itself is very easy, so please try it by yourself.

Glaco Wiper Super Water Repellent
for better visibility

Driving on rainy days, regular wiper replacement and prior application of a glass water repellent will provide clearer visibility, and refreshing and safe driving will be enhanced. Glaco Wiper Super Water Repellent is a product that combines two important elements for clear visibility. The silicone rubber with concentrated Glaco molecules provides a water-repellent effect on the windshield surface simply by operating the wiper. Furthermore, the newly developed graphite coating drastically reduces unpleasant judder and squealing (noise caused by friction between the rubber and the glass surface) and ensures excellent operation without leaving any residue.
If you have visibility problems when driving on rainy days, please replace your windshield wipers with Glaco Wiper Super Water Repellent and experience its performance.